Dock vs Dock

I joked on Twitter the other day that I was going to have to write up an email to send to my less tech savvy family members explaining the differences between the macOS and iOS Docks this Fall. I wasn’t really joking. I predict a lot of us who end up responsible for family tech support are going to get questions about the Dock on iPad come September or October when Apple releases iOS 11 to the masses. Anyone who has been using macOS since the original OS X…

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Andy Ihnatko on iPhoto for iPad

Results make up for awkwardness of iPhoto for iPad – Chicago Sun-Times: “iPhoto represents the second generation of iPad apps. It’s not merely a ‘mobile’ photo editor. It’s a photo editor. A less-ambitious photo app like Snapseed is something you play with. iPhoto is an app that you can actually rely on.” (Via. Chicago Sun-Times) I have to completely agree with Andy Ihnatko here. When I first started using iPhoto for iPad, I immediately thought, like everyone else, that it was a UI nightmare. But the more I used…

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