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Shocking new rumor: Apple may charge money for new cloud service

> Citing insiders in the music industry, *CNet*[reported Tuesday]( that Apple is expected to charge — if not at first, then eventually — for its music cloud service.
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Personally, I can’t wait until Apple releases whatever this cloud service is going to be, not because I think I’ll get a whole lot of new functionality that I need out of it, but because I can’t wait for the ridiculous rumors about it to stop.

But this new little twist, that Apple plans to CHARGE for the service, cracks me up. How shocked the tech pundits will be at this latest development from Cupertino?

Is anyone paying any attention? Of course, it makes perfect sense for Apple to charge for this. That’s what Apple does. It would be more shocking if Apple DIDN’T charge for it.

Apple very seldom does free. You give them money; they give you products and services.

If you want free, go use Google.