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Taking a Look at Context for Apple Announcements

At WWDC, context matters for hardware announcements | Macworld:

If Apple has a similar kind of update in the works for one its Mac products, then, it seems unlikely that such an announcement would get any stage time at WWDC—not when there’s Mountain Lion and a likely update to iOS to discuss. Besides, Apple could hold off on announcing a modest-but-welcome update to one of its Mac products for a week or two after WWDC and be guaranteed coverage from an Apple-hungry press corps. Tacking on a laptop with a processor bump to whatever else Apple has planned for WWDC doesn’t really fit with the company’s way of doing things.

Which is not to say Apple won’t have any hardware to unveil at WWDC. It’s just that if the company does, you can bet it’s going to feature something that appeals to the multitude of developers on hand.


Phillip Michaels for Macworld, outlining a very similar argument to mine from the other day. I’m not sure I agree that Retina Macs would warrant any special attention for developers, though. I mean, what’s there to talk about, beyond making @2x versions of everything? Can’t see Retina requiring a lot of developer talks to train developers to implement. But who knows?

To me, Retina Macs are an inevitability, and maybe even press worthy, but not a big deal to developers. If you are a designer of Mac apps, you should already be working on your Retina graphics. Maybe there’s more to it than I think, though.

The chart at the end of the above linked article is telling. Notice every single Mac in the current lineup was announced via Press Release.