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Parents Thinking of Suing over Daughter's GPA

Parents consider lawsuit after daughter loses valedictorian spot –

: “Regardless, the family has already written a letter to the California Department of Education and spoken with district officials about what they perceive to be an ‘injustice.’ The parents allege that because Elisha was not in the school’s magnet program, she could not take AP classes as a freshman.

They also take umbrage with district policy that does not consider students’ final semester grades in the valedictorian GPA calculation.

‘They’re robbing the students of the credit,’ Nelson said. ‘If you know in your heart you did your best, what else can you do? It’s based on the system that you’re ranked lower, not based on achievement.’


This kid is on her way to Stanford and the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab. Probably as good a time as any to learn that life isn’t fair.

As someone who went to prep school and spent a lot of time with a lot of kids who cared way too much about their grades, I can assure you, the best time for this kid to learn to relax and accept the fact that she’s already won the game of life is right now. Not ten years from now, when no one asks her anymore what her meaningless GPA was.

Seriously. Kid. No one cares. Your parents are too clueless to tell you this, so I will. You did well. You got yourself to the next step way ahead of the game. Pat yourself on the back and screw the school who didn’t give you the top slot. Next time there’s a vote for raising property taxes, send a letter to the school and tell them to suck it.

A whole lifetime of people treating you unfairly awaits. Be thankful you’re smart enough to get the better of them most of the time.