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I’ve been recording music on my Mac for the better part of 20 years. Once I learned that I could combine my love of music with computers, it became my favorite way to spend my free time.

Sometimes I would record individual songs. Entire collections of songs. Half-baked songs that never went anywhere. It didn’t matter. It was always a fun outlet for my creativity.

Whenever I create marketing videos for various Bombing Brain projects or my own apps, my favorite part has always been making the background music. I spend far more time than is probably reasonable crafting short pieces of music to play under videos. Luckily, my cohorts at Bombing Brain have always indulged me, allowing me to experiment with many styles of music, rather than forcing me to stick to the corporate hipster jingles found in most modern product videos.

The other Bombing Brain guys are also accomplished musicians. Bombing Brain has provided rich soundtracks for a few games over the years. And we like to jam for a bit whenever we get together.

So it only made sense to us at Bombing Brain that we take this love of creating music and turn it into a service for others. After all, if we needed background music several times a year, certainly our Teleprompt+ and Setlists customers do, too. Not everyone has in-house talent, and not everyone can afford to hire a musician to produce bespoke background music on demand.

There are other royalty-free music services out there, but none with licensing terms as generous as ours at With a one-time low price, you no longer have an excuse not to add some music to your apps, your marketing videos, your YouTube tutorials, your podcasts, or whatever multimedia projects you create. We don’t charge you yearly to renew your license, and we don’t care how big your audience is. Pay once and use the track forever.

We’re starting with a very small catalog, as it takes a lot of time to produce each track. But we will be adding much more over time, in all sorts of styles. And that’s where we can use some help. If you have suggestions for genres you’d like to hear more of on our site, you can contact us to make requests. We plan to create new tracks based on the styles most requested by our customers.

If you have the budget, you can also hire us to make a unique track just for your project. We’re happy to quote you a price.

Our hope is that we make it just a little easier for small indies to get quality background music into their projects. If you occasionally have a need to drop some music into the things you create, check out the catalog And let us know what you think.