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Missing More than the Plot

“Anyone that watched the DJ scrubbing the Touch Bar and didn’t think it would be 100 times more natural to scratch with the on screen turn tables on a the flat Surface Studio screen wasn’t thinking too hard.”

(via John Kheit for the Mac Observer)

I basically disagree with this entire article. But that last bit really struck me as monumentally stupid.

If John knew any actual DJs, he’d know a few things:

  • Algoriddim already has an excellent iPad version of djayPro, which works great on the iPad’s touch surface. In fact, it won an Apple Design Award back in 2011.
  • Many pro DJs opt for a Mac over the iPad, despite the touch screen. The MacBook Pro is the industry standard for modern computer-based DJs.
  • No DJ wants to cart around a desktop machine the size of the Surface Studio into a night club for a gig. It would be ridiculously cumbersome.
  • From what everyone says about Surface Studio, the latency would probably outweigh the benefits of a larger touch surface

I’ve heard a number of people comment on how “stupid” the djay demo was. The point of the djay demo was to show the creative possibilities of what could be done with the Touch Bar. Try to see the potential, not the specifics. I thought it was a great demonstration of the versatility of the Touch Bar, if you are willing to put in a little effort and some creative thinking as a developer. This is way more than a row of keyboard shortcuts.

Who wants to wager with me that MacBook Pro sales outpace Microsoft Surface Studio sales by a million or more units in the next quarter? I think that’s a pretty safe bet, don’t you?