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Some folks had a little fun with me yesterday, when I posted about not outsourcing your online presence to Facebook. Once the link was tweeted by Marco Arment (thanks, Marco!) my site promptly got bombarded. And because of poorly configured cache settings on my part after a recent update (long story), my entire server crashed hard.

Maybe you should have posted that to Facebook?

This wouldn’t have happened on Facebook!

And so on.

Fair enough. I deserve that.

Here’s the thing, though: In the face of this issue, in fewer than 24 hours, I managed to move that post, along with my entire blog, onto a new server[1], using a completely different blogging engine, point my DNS over to the new server, and maintain the same link retweeted yesterday, so that article can now continue to be read for years to come. And I can do that again whenever new technology either makes that necessary or desirable.

Try doing that with a Facebook link.

  1. Shout out to Curtis Herbert for helping me configure the new site for maximum robustness. And it looks pretty spiffy, too. ↩︎