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Fin Version 4.7

A new version of Fin is now available from the App Store. It includes the usual set of bug fixes and enhancements, as well as a few new features centered around the end of timers.

When a timer runs out in Fin, an animation sequence begins, with the screen fading from black to red, as the main timer shows 00:00. In addition, a small indicator at the bottom of the screen begins counting up, to indicate how much time has passed since the timer ran out.

Some have requested that this “overtime” indicator be larger, so that presenters can easily see exactly how long they have gone over their allotted time. Instead of showing the 00:00 time in the center of the screen, they would like the overtime to show there. My fear is that while presenting on a stage, a quick glance at Fin where anything other than 00:00 is showing in the center might give the presenter the false impression that time has not yet run out. The overtime, in other words, could be confused with time remaining.

I’ve always used the overtime counter during rehearsal, just as a measure of how much time I’ll need to cut from my presentation before the next rehearsal. I’ve never recommended using it as a way to distract the performer during the performance.

Nevertheless, since this has been a persistent request for some time now, I finally gave in and decided to make it an option. While I was at it, I also included the option of choosing between twelve different colors to use as an alternate to the standard red for the end timer animation. Since red is used to indicate your last warning color, it may be helpful to use something different for the end sequence. You can even choose to have Fin select one of the twelve colors at random each time a timer runs out. In case you can’t decide.

Combined with the customizable ending message text that appears, and three different styles of end animation (no fading, the classic slow fade, and the fast blinking hyper fade), you now have far more ways to customize the degree to which Fin insists to your performer that they really should wrap it up. If you are using the remote feature, of course, you can always type full-screen messages to your performers as well.

Unfortunately, your iPad still can’t break out the cane or play a gong for you.

Fin version 4.7 is now available for download.