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Wearable Challenges

Well, it’s finally come to this. After more than a year of walking around New York with my AirPods, I finally gave in and bought these silicon hooks from EarBuddyz to keep the darn things from slipping out of optimal sound position, or worse, falling out of my ears altogether.[1] I had remarked when I first got my AirPods that they were not exactly a snug fit. Over time, it seemed like they were actually getting looser, if that’s possible. My ear holes have gotten bigger over…

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One Click Away

There I sat, in my home office, two minutes after midnight, white 16GB iPad mini in my shopping cart on the Apple Online Store. One click away from preordering a new Apple product for the first time in years. But then I decided I would miss the hipsters in the Marina too much. So I went to bed. Yes, that means I’ll be in line again this coming Friday. Call me crazy, but at this point it’s just too entertaining. I am hoping there won’t be rain,…

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