Magic Keyboard for iPad, 2020: First Impressions

Over two years ago, I wrote a piece about long form writing on iPad, which I’ve grown to love as an activity over the years. My combination of iPad and Canopy/Magic Keyboard served me well for much of the intervening time. But then I made the mistake of lending my Magic Keyboard to Jessica in the middle of last year, and I never got it back. So rather than picking up a new Magic Keyboard, I took the opportunity to pick up a Smart Folio keyboard, even though…

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Using iPad for Long-Form Writing

I fought the notion of a mechanical keyboard for my iPad for years. Part of the reason was every keyboard designed for a tablet I’ve tried (including Apple’s own Smart Keyboard) is just not good. Small keys. Crappy feel. I’ve never been able to type a sentence on any of them without immediately concluding that they were terrible compared to the on-screen keyboard, let alone my MacBook Pro keyboard. But the bigger reason I’ve always been opposed to external iPad keyboards is I just fundamentally believe…

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Christopher Breen's Busking Experiment

Busking in the age of the Internet – TechHive Beta Blog: “The reaction was… interesting. Although no one took me to task or, as far as I can tell, unfollowed me over it, the contributions didn’t pour in. As I write this—fewer than 24-hours after my initial pitch—my $200 contribution has been matched but not much more. The 12 people who kicked in were nearly all strangers to John and myself rather than friends or people In The Biz. Also interesting was that none of my pitches were…

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