The Streak 7: Wow, Dell. You're making it way too easy for Apple

> Dell says its target audience will use the Streak 7 plugged into wall outlets and TVs through an extra-cost dock, but I wouldn’t buy a tablet with battery life this poor. via []( key part of that quote is “Dell says.” Meaning the company who makes this turd actually considered the battery life problem and decided that users wouldn’t mind PLUGGING IN THEIR TABLET COMPUTER most of the time. You have to be remarkably disorganized as a company to…

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Dell bets on an "everything" strategy

> Amit Midha of Dell also indicated that his company plans to launch “a whole slew” of new products in the next 6-12 months, including a 10-inch tablet closer in size to Apple’s 9.7-inch iPad. Midha said his company will offer products in multiple sizes, including three and four inches, and some of them will run Microsoft Windows instead of Android. > > He also revealed that Dell will provide tablets running Google’s lightweight Chrome OS operating system, designed for low-cost netbooks and lightweight [portable devices](…

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Dell Streak Pricing

[![Media_httpwwwblogcdnc_qmcfa](]( []( this oversized phone is more expensive than any other Android phone on the market, and yet it’s running an old version (1.6) of the OS? Alternately, you can think of it as a “small tablet”, in which case it’s more expensive than…

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