RECaf Gains Sleep Analysis, Other New Features

Rumor had it, Apple was going to add native sleep tracking to Apple Watch. In 2019. That summer, I began work to add sleep data analysis to RECaf, a feature I had wanted since I conceived of the app. The timing seemed right. If Apple were going to be adding sleep tracking to Apple Watch as a first-party feature, I wanted to be right there, ready to take advantage of that sleep data as soon as Apple started its marketing. Scientifically, it’s pretty well established that caffeine has some…

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I Now Have a Cardiologist

With Apple’s release of watchOS 5.2, I see the ECG feature is now more widely available throughout Europe and other regions. That’s great news. I want to encourage those of you with Apple Watch devices in those supported regions to go grab the update and try out the ECG. Not just because it’s extremely cool tech. But because, well, let me put it this way: I now have a cardiologist. That isn’t a statement I was planning to make in my forties. But there it…

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