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The extremely shallow key travel is partly to blame, but so is the keyswitch feel. They’re more like clicky buttons than keyboard keys, feeling almost like the iPhone’s Home button. They don’t engage or actuate — they snap. This makes it harder to modulate downward force while typing on them, especially from your weaker outer fingers. I can type on the MacBook, but I’d rather not. (via Marco Arment) Where was this article when Marco and I were supposed to have an on-stage argument at Úll this…

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I think John Siracusa is exactly right: just about all of Apple’s products are in transition right now, and thus none of them feels spot on. We can look at a product like the iPad mini and immediately fall in love with its smaller form factor and easier-to-hold light weight. But then we wince at the non-Retina display. We can easily picture a future where this awesome new iPad has that perfect screen, but we know we have to wait another year or more for that to happen. All…

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