My New Laptop

Yesterday I ordered a new Apple Silicon Mac. The 13-inch Pro, to be precise. With all the trimmings. I did this, even though: This is clearly a Mac meant to be a replacement for the entry-level 2-port model of the 13-inch Pro. Not the high-end 4-port model I am using to type this.A higher-end version (perhaps with the rumored smaller-bezel 14-inch screen) could be coming as soon as next spring.16 GB of RAM max.Aren’t we supposed to avoid first-gen hardware?Here’s why: This 13-inch Pro…

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The Day the Duplicates Died

It’s almost hard to believe I wrote this post about duplicate track issues in iTunes and iCloud Music Library way back in December 2017, and yet, in the shipping version of iTunes today, that bug is still present. Not a day goes by since I wrote that post (I have the tracking stats to prove it) that at least a few people don’t find my article via a Google search, which means people have been frustrated with this issue and have been looking for solutions for a very…

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