More Ups Than Downs

Rumor has it Apple is cooking up a new framework that helps unify the development of macOS and iOS apps. At least, that’s the part of the rumor that makes the most sense, anyway.[1] Code-named, Marzipan, this new framework would help developers who make either iOS apps or Mac apps to make both using the same basic toolset. Obvious differences between the platforms would necessitate some variation, of course (clicks vs taps, and all that), but the underlying APIs for creating either would be largely the same. And…

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Dock vs Dock

I joked on Twitter the other day that I was going to have to write up an email to send to my less tech savvy family members explaining the differences between the macOS and iOS Docks this Fall. I wasn’t really joking. I predict a lot of us who end up responsible for family tech support are going to get questions about the Dock on iPad come September or October when Apple releases iOS 11 to the masses. Anyone who has been using macOS since the original OS X…

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MacOS vs macOS

I’m sure we’ll be hearing tons of jokes about consistency from the spelling and grammar police, but I get why it would be MacOS, as opposed to macOS. Mac is a proper noun. The Mac has always been capitalized. It’s a shortened form of a non-generic product: the Macintosh. The “i” in Apple’s names over the years has always been lowercase, since the original iMac. So, of course it’s iOS.[1] For tvOS, Apple is using tv as a generic term. It doesn’t refer…

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