I have a giant, Polish head. My neck has been holding it up for decades. Thus, I don’t find wearing Vision Pro particularly heavy. If you suffer from geek neck, where your head is already hanging forward over thin air instead of above your shoulders where it should be, I would imagine you might find strapping aluminum and glass to the front of your face unhelpful. Is Vision Pro heavier than I wish it were? Of course. Is that a deal breaker? Not at all. Personally, I feel the…

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New iPad Pro 11-inch: First Impressions

I was all set to go on a weeklong trip out of the country just one day after the new iPads became available. It was as if Apple knew I was leaving town and rushed it out on a Wednesday instead of the usual Friday. Now that I’m back, some initial thoughts, in no particular order: I went with the 11-inch model. As I’ve said in the past, this is purely a personal decision. There is no right answer to which iPad size is best. I’ve owned…

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Hey Apple, Where’s the Fire?

I know the trend lately is to suggest that Apple is not moving fast enough. That it should be releasing brand-new groundbreaking products every year or two. That iOS needs a complete design overhaul so it won’t be so “boring.” Where’s the Apple TV? Where’s the iWatch? And so on. Down with Skeuomorphism! Flat Design FTW! Forget all that. What Apple really needs to do is slow the hell down. The Mac was released in 1984. The iPod in 2001. The iPhone in 2007. The iPad in…

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