A Fresh Start

It’s telling that of all the watch faces Apple has shipped since, only the Explorer is anywhere near the same quality of that original batch. All the others are either derivatives of the originals (e.g. Toy Story, Minnie Mouse, Timelapse), obvious examples of engineering over design (Siri, Activity), or complete WTF? (Kaleidoscope). (Me, back in April of this year.) I’m happy to see renewed interest in Apple’s watch face design lately. Awesome as everything else in watchOS 5 is, this year’s face additions didn’t…

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Wearable Challenges

Well, it’s finally come to this. After more than a year of walking around New York with my AirPods, I finally gave in and bought these silicon hooks from EarBuddyz to keep the darn things from slipping out of optimal sound position, or worse, falling out of my ears altogether.[1] I had remarked when I first got my AirPods that they were not exactly a snug fit. Over time, it seemed like they were actually getting looser, if that’s possible. My ear holes have gotten bigger over…

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