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RECaf 1.1 - With Some New Siri Shortcuts

RECaf version 1.1 is making its way to the App Store today. In addition to some minor bug fixes, this version adds some cool new Siri Shortcuts that make it easy to quickly check on your day’s logging. You can customize the phrase to invoke these to anything you like, of course. They will also work on your HomePod if you have one, which is really cool.

I've found these extra Shortcuts very handy for checking in on my current intake, and when deciding if I really should have that one more Cold Brew in the late afternoon.

You can set up these Shortcuts by going to the History Tab and tapping on the microphone at the top of the screen.

Today Counts

Siri will give you a count of how many items and milligrams of caffeine you’ve logged thus far today.

Elapsed Time

Siri will let you know how long it’s been since your last log entry. If it’s been over ten hours, it’ll also let you know that you are likely no longer under the influence of any caffeine in your system.

Siri will let you know how today compares with the rolling 30-day average that you’ve been logging. If you’ve only started logging recently, of course, your 30-day average is going to be quite low for a while. Once you have a month’s worth of data under your belt, you’ll get a good picture of how today stacks up against your recent days.

RECaf is available now on the App Store. A 14-day free trial is available if you want to try it out.