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Review: Waterfield Designs Portable Muzetto

Portable Muzetto from Waterfield Designs.  Price as tested: 213.96 USD Perfect timing I almost didn’t receive my Portable Muzetto in time to test it on my trip to the East Coast this April. Evidently, this new bag has proven to be so popular with Waterfield’s customers that Gary and his team can’t keep up with demand. It’s a testament to Waterfield’s great customer service that Gary himself personally emailed me to apologize that my bag may not arrive in time. He also offered to…

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Review: Waterfield Designs Ultimate SleeveCase for iPad

[![Img_0725](http://posterous.com/getfile/files.posterous.com/jcieplinski/6vhoD68kgCVTwDFAJEBpoIVsnVq3JqUMIg7xXqLmJOIrCpTMdT0B0b6iMemr/IMG_0725.jpg.scaled.500.jpg)](http://posterous.com/getfile/files.posterous.com/jcieplinski/RMbxgFAskxzKnrqoiclTm9TH4PHQxhcMr5aHLWqfIRdsx1qisceIrjFqFJk8/IMG_0725.jpg.scaled.1000.jpg)[Waterfield Designs Ultimate SleeveCase for iPad](http://sfbags.com/products/ipad-cases/sleevecases-ipad.php "Waterfield Designs iPad Case") Anyone who reads my blog knows that I’m more than slightly biased towards Apple products. It’s not some blind, religious cult kind of devotion, mind you. I just happen to like companies that make great products. So when the…

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A lesson in Customer Service: Waterfield Designs (@SFBags)

Good customer service is about as common as snow in San Francisco. Quality products are even more rare. Waterfield Designs delivers both, and much more. I can’t say enough about how great my experience with this company has been. They respond quickly to questions. They ship promptly after ordering. They get the order right. And they design a top-notch product. Everything they make is made in San Francisco, not a sweat shop in China. And all of the products are designed with intelligence, thoughtfulness, and an obvious passion for…

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