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A lesson in Customer Service: Waterfield Designs (@SFBags)

Good customer service is about as common as snow in San Francisco. Quality products are even more rare.

Waterfield Designs delivers both, and much more. I can’t say enough about how great my experience with this company has been. They respond quickly to questions. They ship promptly after ordering. They get the order right. And they design a top-notch product.

Everything they make is made in San Francisco, not a sweat shop in China. And all of the products are designed with intelligence, thoughtfulness, and an obvious passion for creating a truly useful product.

Believe me when I tell you, the pictures on the web site don’t even begin to describe how stylish and well-made these bags are in reality. 
This company, in essence, is the Apple of laptop bags and travel cases. 

Like Apple, Waterfield sometimes gets criticized for being too expensive. Anyone who buys quality bags will tell you that they are not.

I wasn’t even buying this Vertigo for myself, but as soon as it arrived, I knew my next bag was going to be a Waterfield. 
It’s been a long time since I’ve been in the market for any kind of bag for myself. My Brenthaven laptop backpack has served me well for years now, and my older Brenthaven briefcase-style bag lasted several years before that. They’re great bags, and they’re not worn out. But now that I’m switching my Mac strategy from laptop only to an iMac/iPad combo, I’m going to need something smaller to carry my iPad and everyday items to and from work, the coffee shop, etc. 

I’ve preordered the iPad sleeve. Can’t wait until it comes in. Eventually, I’ll have to get myself a Personal Muzetto.

And no, I’m not getting paid to say all of this. I guess it’s silly to go on so much about a company that simply does what it’s supposed to do. But it’s just such a rare thing that you can’t help but be stunned by it when you see it.