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RECaf started out as a passion project. Struggling for years with logging daily caffeine intake, I wanted to find a better way to approach the problem from a user-experience standpoint.

Apple’s latest iOS 12 release, with its support for third-party Siri Shortcuts provided a key ingredient. Logging could now be accomplished with a simple voice command.

Taking advantage of some simple machine learning, the app can also remind you when you haven’t logged at your “usual” times. And frequent items are always brought to the forefront, whether under your thumb or on your wrist for easy access.

Fin Timer

You have a 40 minute talk to give. You’ve written your outline, created your slide deck—how do you know if what you’ve written is the appropriate length? Enter Fin. Designed for rehearsal and live performance scenarios, Fin is a simple, easy to read timing tool that will help you stay on track. Advanced features like remote control and quick messaging from connected devices also makes it ideal for stage managers who need to signal to their performers that time is indeed up.


Setlists was designed to help performers who need lyrical and chord cues while performing on stage. When doing a live performance, you never want the technology to get in the way. Which is why ease of use, dark interfaces that don’t interfere with stage lighting, and large, easy-to-read typography are paramount.


Cross multiplication seems simple enough when you are trying to keep your aspect ratios intact. But when you make these same calculations dozens of times in a row, having an app that can do it quickly and painlessly is essential. x2y was developed for iPhone, iPad, and Mac, so artists would always have their aspect ratio calculator of choice handy.