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Video Thumbnails

I offer thumbnail creation services for YouTubers and video bloggers

Russia's Geography Problem Thumbnail Why Trains Are So Expensive Thumbnail The Northwest Passage Thumbnail Small Planes Big Oceans Thumbnail Doomsday Thumbnail Airline Flight Scheduling Thumbnail

Podcast Artwork

I create show artwork for podcasters

Release notes Showmakers The Run Loop


All music featured in these videos is original composition and performance.


Below are some samples of audio created over the years for various clients and personal endeavors. In each case, music was composed, recorded, and produced entirely by me.

Backdrop Audio

If you are in need of some inexpensive, royalty-free audio for your videos or other media projects, you can check out the library at Some of the below samples, as well as many other pieces in various styles, can be found there for a very low one-time cost, and can be used for just about any purpose.

Theme from Release Notes Podcast

Release Notes Conference 2015 Intro Theme

x2y Video App Preview Theme

Fin video theme

Fin App Preview theme

7-minute Workout app background loop

Another 7-minute Workout app background loop