Supercharging the Minivan

Baristas everywhere. Do me a favor and stop making super strong lattes with large double shots of espresso by default. That might be trendy nowadays, and your hipster audience might like it. But you’re doing it wrong. The whole concept of a double latte is flawed. Latte was invented for people who can’t handle strong espresso. It’s a watered down (or more accurately a milk-diluted) pansy-assed American form of the cappuccino, which is a stronger drink with more foam. If I wanted my latte strong, I’d…

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Telling me that Starbucks is a Trustable Experience is a Lousy Way to Convince me of Something

Josh Lehman: ‘Stop Using the Cup of Coffee vs. $0.99 App Analogy’: If Starbucks gave out free coffee every day there would be mile-long lines at the drive thru. If the free coffee was anywhere close to as good as their paid stuff people would abandon the paid en masse. Some would pay maybe because they felt bad, as a freeloader. Others would pay because they preferred the options available to them in the paid column vs. the free. Now imagine the free selection at starbucks was nearly as…

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Stop Ruining your Coffee with Metal Objects

The Kaffeologie S-Filter – “Most coffee nerds will tell you that paper filters block flavorful oils from getting into the brewed cup, while the superior metal-mesh and perforated filters will let these oils through for a superior taste.” (Via. I continue to be amazed that so many coffee nerds don’t realize the first rule of hot beverages, as bestowed upon me a long time ago by a Japanese Tea expert: Never let hot water touch metal. Period. Metal will do a lot more to destroy the…

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